Hello Kitty Purple YouTube Background

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Hello Kitty Purple YouTube Background

Hello Kitty Purple YouTube Backgrounds
Submitted by: Nadia
Keywords: hello kitty, cat, kitty, cartoon, sanrio, japanese, cartoons, hearts, polka dots, purple, dot, heart, Click to Suggest A Keyword?
Description: Hello kitty faces and hearts on a purple background.
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Did you know you can decorate your YouTube Channel?
Follow the steps below to have a unique & professional youtube channel page!

Customize your YouTube Channel

1) - Click here and download the background image. Right click the image and Save it to your computer.

2) - Login to YouTube, then navigate to your Profile page. Click on THEMES AND COLORS then scroll down and click on NEW THEME.

3) - Upload your background image to YouTube in the Background Image section.

4) - Copy/Paste the following options

Font: Any
Background Color: #ffffff
Wrapper color: #ffffff
Wrapper text color: #ffffff
Wrapper link color: #dfcce5
Repeat Background: Check the box.

Color Palettes
Background Color: #ffffff
Title text color: #dac7e0
Link color: #dfcce5
Body text color: #ffffff

5) - Click 'save changes' at the top!

ALSO! - Feel free to change the color scheme to fit your own taste! Its easy to change the colors you just typed in.

Bonus) - Enjoying our Layout? Post a video about us or maybe give us a shoutout in one of your videos. Email us the link and we'll post it on this site.


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